image001Free ‘meet and greet’ interview

In the initial consultation we learn all about your animal and the services you require, based on you and your pet’s needs.

Daily visits and cat/animal pampering

This offers an alternative to boarding kennels. The pet resides in the comfort and security of it’s own home.

We visit your dog / cat / etc in your home to provide the love and care they usually get from you.

Dog walking

Dogs are collected from your home and either, individually, or, with others, are walked for your chosen length of time. They are returned home happy and content.

We can design a program to suit you and your dog’s needs.


In your home, daily feeding and diet are maintained to the dog / cats normal routine.

Individualised care is offered, as well as supervising and administering medications…etc

Home Security

Our services include home security, checking mail, rubbish bin collection, watering pot plants, walking, cuddles and any other individual requirements.